The average cost of a tankless gas water heater

A tankless gas water heater is energy efficient in any commercial place or home. Many people choose this because they don’t have to heat and circle water all the time. Instead, there is a heating system that allows easy access to hot water. This significantly saves energy and decreases water usage.

A small house that has a single source for getting hot water benefits a lot in this. It pumps half to two gallons of water in a minute. So, that may be enough for the needs of the entire home.

A whole-house gas tankless water heater guarantees more hot water within a short while. You will never run out. Consider installing it in your house by first meeting up with a plumber for the cost, usage, and other factors.

For now, the most affordable can be seen in this article titled Best Tankless Gas Water Heater – Gaija.
Since it uses gas, the price is not as high as you think.

Let us see a breakdown of the cost and other factors required to make it work in your house.

  • Tankless gas water heater unit – $151.99
  • Installation cost – $100
  • Gas replacement – $20-$500 depending on your country
  • Total cost – $271.99-$751

Considering the cost, it will be a lot cheaper to set it up in a country like Nigeria and other African countries. This is because gas is cheap. Those places are rich with minerals.
But in some other places, you will have to pay more to obtain gas that will be enough for your water heater.

gas tankless water heater cost with installation

Considering the cost of labor, you can set it up yourself by following one of our guides. But there is a disclaimer to that. We won’t be responsible for damages caused in the heater to you.
Even if you decide to install it on your own, you still need an expert plumber to do some maintenance. This should be from time to time.
Also, it is important to make sure you don’t have to do reconfiguration before you install it yourself.

Lastly in considering the price in setting it up, you should look into its materials like heater pump and pipes.
It is not included in that installation cost.
Taxes and fees for your using such in your country are not included.
If drywall must be removed or access panels need to be created, you will need a carpenter. It will add up to the cost too.

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