How to send gift cards through Facebook

It is now easy to send any kind of gift or a gift card to friends or for some occasions. Sometimes, this gift can be better than a status update or a private message. It can be customized to wish someone a Happy Birthday or congratulate an individual for something.

You can make use of the Facebook gift to send family and friends members anything. This can be used to let them know what you have been thinking. You can share to brighten someone’s day. Just select and make payment for the gift, add a note and it will be ready.

Can you send other kinds of gift cards using this means?

Suppose you have a friend that stays in Nigeria and likes to get a gift card, you can pay and send.
I think almost all kinds of gift cards are sold on Facebook. You just have to do the following whenever you want to send a card.

  1. Go to your friend’s wall.
  2. Click on the gear icon, which is at the lower right corner of their cover photo.
  3. Click the give gift link.
  4. On the next page, select the category you want.
  5. Select the gift by clicking on its button.
  6. Choose and add a note.
  7. Save and re-check your order.
  8. Buy the gift card.

You can pay for shipping if you want a plastic gift card. You can even notify the person you want to send it to, by sharing it on their timeline.

Your friend won’t be able to see the gift price. They can swap it for another similar one.

facebook gift card

Every gift card sold on Facebook can be used to pay for items like games and apps. You just have to enter the digital code attached or shown on the card. You can see where mobile games are heading here.
For Example, if it is a $100 steam gift card, just visit steam and enter the code to redeem it. When you do that, your balance on that network will increase to the amount the card worth.

You can even sell gift cards to receive naira instantly. You don’t need to delete them and say they are of no use. There is a service that is interested to buy it from you. Just become a member on their website to enable you to exchange whenever you want.
There rate cool than other platforms offering the same service.

Other platforms have their way of sending gift cards to friends. Maybe, if I am less busy, I will write an article explaining step by step how to do it there.

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